5 de junio de 2013

Wifivox, Pocket Wifi rental in Spain

One of the biggest problems I have when I go to Spain is the Internet connection. I moved to the UK with my partner some years ago and then cancelled my spanish 3G data plan contract. So every time I visited my family and friends back in Spain I would never be able to communicate with them if I was around, so out of my family's home WiFi... this was indeed really annoying.

I later discovered a company named Wifivox for Pocket Wifi rental in Spain. Now, when I come down for a visit, normally for a long weekend, I can rent a little device that will create a mobile Wifi Hotspot. I will usually plug my iphone, iPad and MacBook to it. Yes, I'm all Apple. When my girlfriend comes to Spain with me we would just share the same Pocket Wifi, so she can even connect her Google Nexus tablet, Galaxy Smartphone or PC laptop. She's kind of anti-apple, still we get along pretty well! ;-)

The Wifivox Pocket Wifi will last for normally more than 10 hours. The possibility of sharing the Pocket Wifi with up to 10 friends makes it really suitable for groups and families. I would pay 6,99€/day for the Pocket Wifi, VAT included. I normally would go to their office based in Barcelona to pick it up and drop it off at no cost. A friend recently did a pre-order online and had it delivered to a Hotel in Madrid, then he just dropped it off at his hotel's reception.

Even though Wifivox is mostly aimed for tourists travelling around Spain, it is working very good for me as well. I avoid Vodafone roaming fees by getting an unlimited connection. I know I will never pay more than the given price no matter how much data I use.. so sometimes I use Spotify which streams really fast. The connection is unlimited.

I hope I was able to find a Pocket Wifi rental in my last trip to Amsterdam. I had to hop from Wifi to Wifi all the time and I can tell free Wifis are not easy to find!

Some details:
Website: http://www.wifivox.com
Type of product: Pocket Wifi Rental - 3G connection in Spain
Coverage: Spanish territory

Wifivox, Pocket Wifi en España.

Wifivox es una empresa con sede en Barcelona que ofrece un servicio enfocado a turistas que visitan España. Se trata de un dispositivo llamado Pocket Wifi, un pequeño modem portátil que crea un punto Wifi a través del cual uno puede conectarse a Internet con hasta 10 aparatos a la vez. El dispositivo se conecta a Internet a través de una tarjeta SIM 3G integrada en el dispositivo con cobertura en todo el territorio español.

El dispositivo se alquila por un precio diario y se puede enviar a cualquier hotel de España.

Características (extraídas de la web):
 6,99 €/day (VAT Included)

 Latest generation device (TP-Link M5350)
 Long lasting battery (up to 10 hours)
 Premium Spanish mobile carrier (Telefónica)
 Full coverage in Spain 
 First class support via email, phone and Twitter.
 Our pack includes: TP-Link M5350, wall charger with USB cable, easy setup instructions and portable case